Published Works

This is a fun piece I wrote recently, published in My Art Fair  magazine. By claiming that I would never, EVER participate in the activity of arts and crafts, I tempted fate to demonstrate otherwise. Click here to find out how it happened that I became, The Reluctant Hobby Lobbiest!

This is my Masters Thesis, entitled, “The Higher Senses of Sight and sound,’ in Jane Austen’s, Sense and Sensibility.” I’ve always been intrigued that although we may see and hear well, we are still often deceived by our own senses. I am particularly interested in this because I have perfect pitch; my sense of hearing is so acute, it often becomes an annoyance to me and yet, even I am deceived by my ears sometimes. Austen’s nineteenth-century British culture served to heighten these deceptions, given its formalities, traditions and constraints. Austen was preoccupied by this trip-up factor as she witnessed breakdowns in societal communications and so wrote it into her characters’ conflicts quite regularly. For me, writing this project, although intense, was a complete joy. Fortunately, some other English students have enjoyed it as well, as a form of research in their studies. You can access and download a copy at Scholarsworks@GVSU.

Back in 2010, I was a little fired up at the prospect that any politician would lie about their military service in order to advance their political career. The Holland Sentinel published my Opinion Editorial regarding my dismay.

One day a couple of years ago, I responded to an ad for a Creative Writer, to create web content for a new, savvy business. I didn’t know it at the time, but this business took off like gangbusters! It remains a pleasure to have worked for and with this terrific organization, Bombshell Blow Dry Bar/About Us.